Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I wanted to post something about our Christmas. It is always a busy, but enjoyable time. We went to Sam's grandma's house on Christmas Eve, then to my parents house, then to Sam's parents house. Christmas morning we woke up nice and early to open presents and then made the rounds again. Keife's, Wolfe's, back home to get ready, Keife's again, and one final, long stop at the Wolfe's. We had a great time altogether and received lots of stuff. Both of our families now own the Wii and lets just say it has consumed our lives!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Dreaded Malls

One thought.... Does anyone else feel like there is nothing in the malls? My mom and I went shopping today (thanks to my day off-- see post below) and we couldn't find anything! Sam and I are going to have a Christmas Tree with no presents beneath it.... so don't try robbing our house. It won't be worth it!

I Am Freezing!

No matter where I go I am freezing. The rain/wind at work feels like ice hitting your face. Our little tiny bedroom is 56 degrees on average. Thanks to no heater! I sleep with 3 blankets, sweats, a long sleeve shirt, a sweat shirt, my hood on, and a heating pad! There is something wrong with this! The only place I am actually warm at is in my car, that's if it heats up before I arrive at my destination! On a more positive note, thanks to this freezing rain/snow I was unable to make it to work on Monday, today, and they called a snow day for tomorrow. So, I am going to enjoy 3 weeks of Christmas vacation. (The few perks of being a teacher, and I mean few!) Although I am freezing all the time, I am grateful for the rain, because I know we need it. I am thankful to have a freezing home to live in, because some people don't have a home at all. So, after all my complaining I have decided to just be thankful!