Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paper Cone Wreath

I saw this adorable paper cone wreath about 2 weeks ago at a link up party at Tatertots and Jello. I thought it was soooo cute so I had to make one of my own!

I have been wanting to incorporate a little bit of mustard yellow into my teal and brown house. This was an easy way to do it. I love the punch of color the wreath has. I am still deciding on whether or not I want to add a pennant banner to mine. I added paper flowers for now so I am going to admire it for a few days and see if I think it needs something more!

Go here for the tutorial.
I actually just used a 12 inch round white foam wreath I had on hand. I also bent the tips/points of the cones when gluing them down to the wreath form. I found this to be a little easier and faster way of doing things.

From personal experience, DO NOT buy a book that you will feel bad about cutting up without reading. I originally just looked for the right colored paper I wanted without paying much attention to the cover and title of the book. Well I got home and realized it was about the Virginia Tech shooting. I just couldn't bring myself to cut up the book without reading it. So I read the first 50 pages. But then I just decided I would feel better if I just went and bought a new book. So back to the dollar tree I went!!!! :/ That's my OCD for ya!

Also, I would add an icepack, neosporin, and band-aids to the supply list. I burned my fingers a million times!!!!

I moved the wreath into Jack's room to take a picture because we have the worst lighting at our front door. I just didn't want you thinking that the wreath is being displayed on a rocking chair. ;)

These paper flowers are simple to make. For each flower, tear 3-4 large, medium and small circles from various paper scraps. Crumble in hand. Open up. Ink edges. Glue and stack. Add button or brad to top. Repeat for other flowers. I knotted together two ribbons and some brown tulle and glued them onto the wreath then glued the flowers on top.

The Styrofoam doesn't show when the wreath is hanging on the door. If you are worried it will you can cover it with flat circles like it shows in the tutorial. I didn't worry about it so I skipped that step.

On a side note.... (A much more important side note)
I have been thinking A LOT and praying A LOT for these two babies- Will and Ruby! Please keep them in your prayers also! Both babies are very sick and need all of the prayers they can get. And also pray for their families as they struggle watching their little babes suffer and endure so much pain!!!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another month and another need for these:
and these:
oh and these of course:

I am slowly spiraling down into a depression.
Hopefully next month I won't need any of the above and I will only need these:
Here's to hoping!

Watch Your Step

An old proverb says, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step", so watch your step.

I saw this video on It is about pornography, but I think it can be applied to any 'enemy of the soul' someone is facing. And I do feel that we all at some time(s) or another will face these enemies, because the father of all lies will do anything to destroy our soul.

Elder Holland said, When we face such temptations in our time, we must declare, as young Nephi did in his, “[I will] give place no more for the enemy of my soul.” We can reject the evil one. If we want it dearly and deeply enough, that enemy can and will be rebuked by the redeeming power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sometimes I feel that free agency is just so unfair. How can it be that Heavenly Father lets the choices of one person effect everyone around them in so many ways? Why can't He only allow that person to feel the pain? Obviously, I understand that in order for there to be agency this is the way it has to be. But can we just say at times it just doesn't seem fair.

I think about the woman in the video, and how her life was "shattered" because of her husbands' addiction to pornography. And the look on the faces of his daughters as he packed his car and drove away. I just want to yell out "You idiot. Look at all you are losing to someone (Satan) who doesn't even care about you."

Elder Holland said, "Like Joseph in the presence of Potiphar’s wife, just run—run as far away as you can get from whatever or whoever it is that beguiles you. And please, when fleeing the scene of temptation, do not leave a forwarding address."

Why is it that we see so many people running towards various "enemies of the soul"? Why aren't they running away? Are we really that weak? Selfish? Misguided? Vulnerable? Are we really unable to exercise any self-control?

How can they picture the face of their parents, wife, husband, children, grandchildren, etc. and that STILL NOT be enough to make them stop whatever it is they are doing?

Just one step puts everyone on a journey. And quite frankly it often feels like a journey through hell. Why can't they just watch their step?

So I am forced to think about how I can guard myself from the enemy(ies) of my soul. What can I do to get my spirit strong enough to be able to walk, no run away if I am faced with it?

Honestly, I choose to step on the easy road. To some, it may not seem like the fun or exciting road. But, it will be worth it. Because I choose to step on the road that I know will lead me back to my Heavenly Father. I will not step off onto an exit or a rest stop. I can't afford me to. My family can't afford me to. I know Heavenly Father needs me and more importantly wants me to continue on the journey that will lead me back to Him. He loves each of us. If you are struggling with an enemy of your soul, find your way back to Him. Do whatever it takes. Although the journey back may be hard it will all be worth it.

Watch your step.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is he not the cutest kid or what? And am I not the luckiest Mama or what?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Indpendence Day Cupcake Toppers

I am making red, white, and blue cupcakes for our 4th of July festivities tomorrow. So along with it I decided to make some cute cupcake toppers.

Supply List:

White Cake Mix + Ingredients needed to make cake batter
red and blue food coloring
3 bowls
Frosting (home made or store bought)
Sprinkles (if desired)
White cupcake liners
Cupcake toppers (see printable below)
toothpicks or candy sticks

How to make the cupcakes:
Buy a box of white cake mix. Prepare cake mix according to box. Seperate batter evenly into 3 bowls. Add red food coloring to cake mix in first bowl. Add blue food coloring to cake mix in second bowl. And leave the third bowl as is- white! Fill up your cupcake liners starting with blue, then white, and then red. I suggest using white liners so you can see the colors through the liner once they are baked. Your liners should be 2/3 - 3/4 full. Following baking instructions on box. For a more detailed tutorial go here. If you have done everything right your cupcakes should look something like this:

(This is not my cupcake. I haven't baked mine yet! But I made rainbow cupcakes like this for St. Patty's Day so I assure you it is easy!!! And here you only need 3 colors vs. the 6 needed for rainbow cupcakes!)

While your cupcakes are baking do this:
Print the toppers onto white card stock in a 5x7 border-less format. This will give you the perfect sized toppers for your cupcakes. Cut out the toppers and attach them with tape to toothpicks or white candy sticks.

Give your cupcakes a chance to cool and then frost and stick the topper into the cupcake!! Little work for some oh so stinkin' cute cupcakes! I assure you kids and adults will LOVE them!

To download the cupcake toppers, first click on the image below so it opens into a new window. Then, right click on the image and hit save as!! Enjoy!