Friday, May 27, 2011

It Has Been A While

I haven't posted in a while. I haven't felt so inclined to. I have had so many thoughts come in and out of my mind. Thoughts that are more important than my latest craft or project.

I have been thinking and praying about this sweet baby for a long while now. She is the precious daughter of a friend from college. Ruby was diagnosed with liver failure at 3 months old. She is currently waiting for a donor liver.

I really can't express in words how I feel. All I can say is my heart aches for Ruby and her family.

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in our Heavenly Father who is a God of Miracles. I believe in the Atonement. I know that it does more than allow us to be forgiven of our sins. Jesus Christ gave His life for us so that we may receive comfort in time of need. The Atonement is for the sinner, the ill, the abused, the meek and lowly of heart. It is for every one of us. So I ask of each of you to pray for this sweet baby. Pray that her body will get stronger and that WHEN she does get a liver her body will accept it. And that Ruby will be made whole. Please pray for Ani and Matt, her parents. Pray that they may feel peace during this time of trial, worry, and sorrow. And please, if you can, go here and donate to help the Taylor's with medical expenses. Also, go here to read about updates on Ruby's condition.

If all you can afford is prayers. Then please pray, pray, pray!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Picture Plaques

I am not sure if I am exactly thrilled with the way these turned out... I feel like they are a little plain. I kinda wish I would have added the appliques to my blocks but they wouldn't fit with the picture because I decided to not have my blocks stand vertically. Oh well... Anyways, my friend Holly saw my post and decided to also copy Shanty 2 Chic's picture blocks! I am loving the way hers turned out... I like the little tiny candlesticks she used for her shorter blocks but I looked at Joanns and Michaels and they did not have them. Can we please get a Hobby Lobby in Southern California? I promise to keep you in business if you come here!!! I basically followed the same tutorials I linked up in the previous post. But here goes my tutorial and supply list!


3 candlesticks (2 tall and 1 short-- but maybe I should have done 1 tall and 2 short?) I purchased mine at Michael's. I can't remember how much they cost though! Sorry! I know they were no more than 4 bucks a piece.

3 - 4" Circle plaques purchased at Joann's for 55 or 59 cents each (base of plaque)

2 cans of Rust Oleums Heirloom White (I would have only needed 1 except I had a stain overload and had to re-paint them! :-/ They were 3.50 each

Finials from Lowe's (I couldn't find them at Home Depot) I got 1 bag of larger size and 1 bag of smaller size finials (2 come in a bag) They were around 2.50 a bag.

I used 3 pieces of wood that measure approximately 5x 7 that I had on hand.

3 small clothespins with paper mod podged onto the top of them

Sandpaper I had on hand and my dad's sander

Distress Ink for the sanded edges which is my attempt at making some look antiqued

Gorilla glue and a hot glue gun (I used the hot glue gun only to glue on the clothespin to the wood and the gorilla glue to glue all of the rest of the pieces together!) Don't apply too much of the gorilla glue or else you will have a nice "hard as a rock" foam residue like I did around the candlestick! Lesson learned: Read the back of the bottle where there are directions before applying!

So I lied.. I am not going to write my own tutorial (ha). I followed this tutorial with the exception of the clips she used and the lack of the appliques on my plaques (which I suggest you use because it is so cute just like my friend Holly's picture plaques) I knew hers would be cuter by the way- thanks Holly :) ! I also used the larger candlesticks because I was unable to find those darling smaller ones. Ugh! Anyways, I waited to glue on my clothespins until after I had each picture plaque painted because obviously I didn't want to paint over the paper on the clips! Ok I think that is it. Have fun making yours. I am making my mom a set this week!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Gift--- Please help!

I NEED your opinion.... I am making gifts for mother's day. I know what I am making for my Mother in law because she has a 2nd house to decorate and requested new pictures of her little kiddos. But my wonderful husband (can you sense the sarcasm) doesn't seem to fancied by them.... I was absolutely in love with the idea and have seen them all over blog land.... I didn't think twice and bought the candlesticks and finials right away!! BUT now thanks to that wonderful husband of mine I am second guessing myself. Tell me what you think (And please just tell me that you like them because they are nearly done) ha! I am combining elements from the following two pictures to create picture plaques for her....)These projects can be found here and here.

So I am painting my wood plaques the same heirloom white color (which I love) and I am using them to display pictures just like the first picture but I am using tiny clothespins with paper mod podged onto the top! Love that part of it. But my picture plaques will be tall like the JOY ones below. And finally my wood is going the opposite way than shown in both pictures! I am sure I have lost you. Pictures to come soon!!!!!! As long as you tell me how much you love them! haha

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I scream, you scream, Jackson screamed for Ice Cream!

So I gave him some and turned into a little photo shoot! He is one cute kid! I wish I looked this cute eating ice cream.