Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just in case you thought that no news was good news... think again! A big, fat NOT PREGNANT showed up on the test again. It was like my heart was stabbed with a thousand knives. Holy crap! I am depressed. BLAH! Yep, that pretty much describes how I am feeling.

Please know that I do understand so many are suffering more than I. And I actually do think of others often, and pray for them too. But I am only me. And this is how I feel about this particular situation right now. It's just hard for me to understand why this isn't happening for us right now. I AM VERY GRATEFUL for what I already have in my life- Ipromise. It is just hard to not be sad when you want something so badly.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Think I'll Move to Australia

Flat Tire Monday:
You know that feeling on Monday. That dragging feeling. That "I can't believe I have five days to get through before the weekend comes" feeling! How about the feeling when work is finally done and you get to begin your trek home. That's a good feeling. Especially if Monday was your first day of school as a kindergarten teacher!!! Let me tell you my excitement upon leaving school. It was 3:45. I am headed to my car. I hear an announcement from the school secretary: "Please be sure to call all students who did not show up today to find out if they are drops!" I turned right around and walked back to my classroom! :( I made 10 + calls. It was 4:15 by the time I finished. So happy to be in my car and on my way. And then not even 3 blocks from school I hear a pop. I knew the sound. I didn't want to stop. I thought just keep going. Just pretend like you don't know your tire is flat. But of course I couldn't!!! BLAH! AAA, America's Tires, and a 50 mile drive later I arrive home at 8 o'clock in the evening!

I think I'll move to Australia!

'Teacher' filled Tuesday:
First day with 30 - 5 year olds! My day consisted of one word said a billion times over- teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, TEACHER, TEACHER, teacher, TEACHER, teacher, teacher, teacher, TEACHER, TEACHER, TEACHER!!!

I think I'll move to Australia!

Hump day Wednesday: (not the dirty kind)
Why are Wednesdays such hard days? Enough said.

I think I'll move to Australia!

1 million Ants Thursday:
Wednesday night I parked under a tree. I've parked here at least a few dozen times before. Never had a problem. I walked to my car that morning- after sleeping in an extra 45 minutes. Loaded Jack in his seat, got in mine, and then I see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANTS! EVERYWHERE! MILLIONS! OH MY GOSH!
How do ants survive a can of ant spray, a car wash, and a 50 mile drive?!?!?
I decided on this day that I would take a match to my car and walk away! Did I just curse my Friday?

I think I'll move to Australia!
Wait, are there ants in Australia?

Fire Friday:
At dismissal I notice a large fire. I say out loud, please tell me that is not on the freeway! To which someone responded, No it doesn't even look close to the freeway! I thought oh yes, yes it does! Walk back to my room and hear my cell phone go off. It's Sam, "Are you in traffic?" Right away I know it's on the freeway. Then I notice a missed call from my mom. Call my voicemail. "Hey Megan the 15 South bound is closed because of a fire. Call dad and he will tell you how to get around it!" JUST GREAT! For those of you who don't know, I work in Victorville. One direct route in and one out- the 15. Unless you go around. The long way. The really long way. My Dad sends me towards Phelan. Headed that way when I get the call that they are now closing that road also. I turn around and go back in the other direction. You know the direction all 1 million cars are headed in!!! Surprisingly it only took me turning around 2 times, pulling over one time, one car sickness, and 2 hours to get home!

For those of you who heard me say I was planning on burning my car to the ground on the side of the freeway I didn't. I was not the cause of the fire. I still have my car. It's in one piece. It has one patched tired, smells like a can of ant spray, and has 1 million dead ants in the black carpet to prove it!!!

If this week is any sign of how my year will be I am in for one heck of a ride!!!!!

Some wondered why I was already counting down days till the end of the school year. Now you know!!!!

It was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week!!!

Here's to a better one, or else I am headed to Australia!