Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Once I uploaded the picture above I realized I never put the border on the bottom! So I went back and added it on. But this picture was the clearest so I wanted to make sure to keep it on!

I am FINALLY done with this project, and I am pretty darn excited about it! ha! It was challenging at times to come up with embellishments to use but it is done! I do need to replace the red star because it is to heavy and won't stay on when hanging on the wall! I am just going to go buy a cheap wood star from Joann's paint it and attach that for #24 instead! I wish I would have taken step by step pictures so if any of you wanted to make your own you could! But here is a blog that kind of helped me. I did do mine a little different but you can get the general idea there. If you google Christmas Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar you find a ton of other blogs that offer tutorials. Also, one of my favorite craft blogs, tatertots and jello, has a tutorial here. The materials I used were:
- cookie sheet (I got mine at Target for 4 bucks but the dollar tree has a mini one. I feel however that the mini one would be very difficult to fit all 25 pieces on it, so splurge on a more expensive, larger cookie sheet ;). And make sure it is magentic!!!)
-spray paint. I think mine was creamish?
-magnets (I bought the thick, round, black ones because the magnet strips you can buy and cut to size just weren't strong enough)
- 4 pieces of scrapbook paper (3 must be 12x12) one of the peices (the striped one is just for a border so you don't need much. I cut the Christmas tree paper down to 8.5x11 and printed a 5x5 table from word onto the it. The top piece with the snowflakes is just cut in half and glued onto the top and bottom of the cookie sheet. I also rounded the top and bottom corner of the paper with my little "rounder tool thingy". The red dot paper was 12x12 but I cut of the sides to fit into the cookie sheet and maybe a little of the top and the bottom so there was enough room for the title! Then I glued the striped border on to the top and bottom of the red dot paper. You also could use ribbon here instead of paper. Finally, I glued the Christmas tree paper onto the red dot paper. Hopefully this makes sense)
-embellishments galore -- Buttons, ribbons, scrapbook Christmas embellishments, mini cookie cutters, jingle bell, oranment, etc. !!!
-spray glue -- I used elmers's
- cricut for the 25 days of Christmas or pre-made chipboard letters (if you want them glittered spray the elmer's glue on each letter and pour the glitter... Lesson Learned by Yours Truly: DO NOT HOLD THE LETTER IN YOUR HAND WHILE SPRAYING THE GLUE!!! ;)
-glitter (I love Martha Stewart Glitter) I used the colors blue topaz and garnet.
-Apigator or other tool that can punch a hole through metal
- jewelry wire
-ribbon to tie a bow at the top (wired ribbon is best and is 60% off at Michael's right now--Christmas ribbon that is)
-and stickers for the numbers! I also saw people who spelled the number out but I just used the numbers.
I think that is everything!!!!! If you do make one send me a picture. I would love to see it! And if you have any other questions just ask!!! More crafts to come later tonight or in the morning!!! And if you have made some things do share!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Elves

"The elves" came to visit us today. They left us cookies, a poinsettia, and a reindeer stuffed animal for Jackson. It is so funny how just yesterday I was saying I needed a poinsettia for a gift my sisters in law gave us. How perfect! Now to explain the whole "elves" thing.... Sam's family has a tradition where during Christmas time the elves mysteriously stop by and leave some kind of gift and usually a treat. The elves always leave some kind of note. Our note this morning said that we really need to enjoy the holidays. And that Jackson needed to sleep through the entire night!!! (Wishful thinking!) The elves always sign the note sincerely, the elves. They also visited us last week. We were all over Sam's parents house of Friday and "the elves" brought all of the grand kids a Christmas movie. The elves just simply ring the doorbell and run away. Maybe you can start this in your family. Maybe you can "elf" a friend or another family member! It really is a lot of fun because you just never know when the elves might drop by!!! Do you have a family tradition that you just love? Let me know! P.S. I know the elf in the picture above looks kinda creepy... sorry!


I recently ordered these (clean hands soap) from a friend who was in charge of her super Saturday. I think these are just adorable. I would love to make the monogram one! Go here for the free download and directions! I promise I will try to show you the things that I have recently made later today. I can be creative and don't just copy people all day :)!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Free Subway Art

I still haven't posted the subway art that I made but when I found this tonight I had to share with the 1 person (if I am lucky) who reads my blog!!! Go here for free printables that you will just love! The best part is I just decided to add this color blue to my Christmas decorations this year. I will be posting all of the amazing things I am working on early next week!!! So fun!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Silhouette Give Away!!!

Another blog that I recently started following is giving away a silhouette to one lucky follower! Become a follower and enter to win! Go here for more info: http://www.theidearoom.net/2010/11/giveaway.html

50 Free Holiday Cards

Get 50 free holiday photo cards from Shutterfly by going here http://blog.shutterfly.com/5358/holiday2010-blog-submission-form/

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Amazing Giveaway!!!

Jen from www.tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com is hosting an AMAZING giveaway this week. She is giving away a Silhouette!!! If you have never seen this machine you have to check it out! It allows you to create so many fun things! I have dying to get one every since my friend told me about it a few months ago. Head on over her blog and become a follower ! Then enter to win! Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amazing Give Away

Of course I am not giving it away.... I just don't have these kind of connections. But go to one of my favorite blogs to follow and enter to win this amazing Christmas Subway Art! And if you or I don't win then lets get together and make our own! Go here for my info and a chance to win: http://tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com/2010/11/giveaway-three-subway-art-craft-kits.html

P.S. I will be posting pictures of my Christmas Advent Calendar soon! It is adorable!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010