Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Wreath!

I am so happy that this wreath is done, done, and done! As soon as I saw this wreath posted on facebook by Jen from Tatertots and Jello (she didn't make the wreath but was sharing Trisha's finished project) I had to do it! Over all I only made a few changes: color, yarn and glittered eggs, and larger sized wreath! I chose to go with brighter colored yarns to match other Easter decorations I had! I used an 18 inch green foam wreath that I had laying around from a project fail... you can see the green yarn in between the eggs if you look closely (but don't look too close-ha!). I don't suggest using a foam wreath this large unless you would like to spend hours and hours wrapping eggs with yarn! A 12 or 14 inch would be perfect for your door still. Anyways, this ended up being a huge wreath! I used 8 dozen plastic eggs (they are the normal sized egg- not small and not big) which I got at Target. They came 4 dozen in a bag for $1.99. I also used foam eggs from the dollar tree in two different sizes. I used the mini ones and regular sized ones that came pre-glittered but wasn't feeling the colors of the glitter so I mod podged over them and added my Martha Stewart glitters. They sparkle much more now! :) By the way... the smaller ones have ribbons glued on them for hanging which I just cut off. This left holes on some of them so I tried my best to arrange them so that the holes did not show. The larger glitter eggs came on sticks. I just pulled the sticks out which once again caused holes. But no biggy! Finally, for the small yarn wrapped eggs (I maybe used about 12) I used eggs that I bought at Tai Pan for my jar! I couldn't find small plastic eggs anywhere so I was forced to use those! My jar is looking pretty sparse now but my wreath makes up for it!

Anyways, I am happy I am finally done! Enjoy! Just in case you missed it above go here for the tutorial and to see where I stole this adorable idea at!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

More Printables!

Here are more fun printables! I just finished them. I am going to print them as 4x6 from home on white card stock. Enjoy!

St. Patrick's Day Printable

Here are a couple of printables I made. The first one is a set of tags I made to attach to little St. Patty's Day treats for Jackson's friends. I bagged rainbow licorice with gold coins/rolos. The second is a printable I put in a 4x6 black frame from the Dollar Tree. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Working and Thinking!

I have been working on a wreath for a long time and I have nothing to show for it!!! So I started a new one last week and hopefully I will actually get it done! And then I can share it with you. My first wreath was one I created all on my own... hence the failed project. The second one I decided just to copy something that I found and loved! I hope it will be up before St. Patrick's Day!!! We'll see! I am feeling pretty tired lately AND NO I AM NOT, I REPEAT, NOT PREGNANT. Some of you may know that we were trying and not trying all at the same time. By that I mean we just felt that if it happened we would be happy. But now we are officially not trying. You know if I am being honest I was pretty sad about this for a while. I guess part of me always thought something else (baby, new car, house, or whatever) would make me happier than I already was or make me happy period. It was like I needed something more to make me happy. It took a lot of trials and heartache to find that perhaps I was already really happy, and that I already had so much to be grateful for. It's not to say that I am not sad that a new baby won't come for a while because those of you who know me pretty well know that I have always had a mothering heart. I even got that brick award while I was a cheerleader in high school. haha! Hours after having Jackson I even asked my doctor if he would induce me early with the next baby so I wouldn't have another 9 lb. baby! He thought I was crazy to already be thinking about another baby! But anyways, sometimes life forces you to make changes to your grand, set in stone, nothing will change my mind, plan. It's not that we don't have faith that things would work out, it's just that right now maybe we just can't handle it. Maybe right now Heavenly Father wants us to enjoy exactly what we have and realize just how great our lives our and how happy we already are. Why am I being this honest? How embarrassing! It is kinda nice to get it off my chest. Any who, I am so happy being a wife and mom to just one cute boy right now. If you know Jackson, you know how adorable and sweet he is. I am savoring every moment with him because I know that when the next adorable and sweet baby comes along our alone time is over. I am sure that sharing our time with another cute baby will be just as great but we will enjoy this time while we it's just us. How did my post go from a wreath to a baby?????? Hmmm... anyways.... sorry for blabbering! New crafts coming your way soon. And also, some adorable St. Patty's Day pictures of Jack are in the works! Can't wait!