Monday, November 29, 2010

The Elves

"The elves" came to visit us today. They left us cookies, a poinsettia, and a reindeer stuffed animal for Jackson. It is so funny how just yesterday I was saying I needed a poinsettia for a gift my sisters in law gave us. How perfect! Now to explain the whole "elves" thing.... Sam's family has a tradition where during Christmas time the elves mysteriously stop by and leave some kind of gift and usually a treat. The elves always leave some kind of note. Our note this morning said that we really need to enjoy the holidays. And that Jackson needed to sleep through the entire night!!! (Wishful thinking!) The elves always sign the note sincerely, the elves. They also visited us last week. We were all over Sam's parents house of Friday and "the elves" brought all of the grand kids a Christmas movie. The elves just simply ring the doorbell and run away. Maybe you can start this in your family. Maybe you can "elf" a friend or another family member! It really is a lot of fun because you just never know when the elves might drop by!!! Do you have a family tradition that you just love? Let me know! P.S. I know the elf in the picture above looks kinda creepy... sorry!

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