Sunday, May 8, 2011

Picture Plaques

I am not sure if I am exactly thrilled with the way these turned out... I feel like they are a little plain. I kinda wish I would have added the appliques to my blocks but they wouldn't fit with the picture because I decided to not have my blocks stand vertically. Oh well... Anyways, my friend Holly saw my post and decided to also copy Shanty 2 Chic's picture blocks! I am loving the way hers turned out... I like the little tiny candlesticks she used for her shorter blocks but I looked at Joanns and Michaels and they did not have them. Can we please get a Hobby Lobby in Southern California? I promise to keep you in business if you come here!!! I basically followed the same tutorials I linked up in the previous post. But here goes my tutorial and supply list!


3 candlesticks (2 tall and 1 short-- but maybe I should have done 1 tall and 2 short?) I purchased mine at Michael's. I can't remember how much they cost though! Sorry! I know they were no more than 4 bucks a piece.

3 - 4" Circle plaques purchased at Joann's for 55 or 59 cents each (base of plaque)

2 cans of Rust Oleums Heirloom White (I would have only needed 1 except I had a stain overload and had to re-paint them! :-/ They were 3.50 each

Finials from Lowe's (I couldn't find them at Home Depot) I got 1 bag of larger size and 1 bag of smaller size finials (2 come in a bag) They were around 2.50 a bag.

I used 3 pieces of wood that measure approximately 5x 7 that I had on hand.

3 small clothespins with paper mod podged onto the top of them

Sandpaper I had on hand and my dad's sander

Distress Ink for the sanded edges which is my attempt at making some look antiqued

Gorilla glue and a hot glue gun (I used the hot glue gun only to glue on the clothespin to the wood and the gorilla glue to glue all of the rest of the pieces together!) Don't apply too much of the gorilla glue or else you will have a nice "hard as a rock" foam residue like I did around the candlestick! Lesson learned: Read the back of the bottle where there are directions before applying!

So I lied.. I am not going to write my own tutorial (ha). I followed this tutorial with the exception of the clips she used and the lack of the appliques on my plaques (which I suggest you use because it is so cute just like my friend Holly's picture plaques) I knew hers would be cuter by the way- thanks Holly :) ! I also used the larger candlesticks because I was unable to find those darling smaller ones. Ugh! Anyways, I waited to glue on my clothespins until after I had each picture plaque painted because obviously I didn't want to paint over the paper on the clips! Ok I think that is it. Have fun making yours. I am making my mom a set this week!


Holly and Brad said...

Oh Megan, you are too funny! I love how yours turned out!! I really wished I could have done mine horizontal (b/c all of my pictures seem to be going that direction) but I didn't have the space on my mantle for them to go that way. You could still add the would just be behind the picture a little but it would still poke through the bottom. Thank you so much for the cute idea! These were a lot of fun to make! Keep the crafts coming! You're soo good at them!

Libby said...

I have also followed the tutorials from Shanty2Chic to make the photo block. They are so fun and you can add more details, like the burlap or scrapbook paper. I used an applique, but I'm okay with it being hidden a little with a pic in front of it. Then, when I'm not displaying a pic, it still looks pretty all on it's own! I love yours, you did a great job!

Libby said...

Ok, I have to comment AGAIN..your blog is adorable and you have awesome ideas! This summer my son turns 4 and we are taking him to Disney World, so I may have to borrow some of your ideas from your son's party! If I do, I will definitely link back to you! So happy I found your blog!