Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Before Our Loss- Our Story (Part 1)

It was 6:00 am. Nausea woke me up for the second day in a row. I had a test hidden in the back of the cabinet in the bathroom. (It was hidden because Sam didn't like it when I put myself through the heartache of taking a test and seeing a negative month after month for 4 years.) Everyone was asleep so I thought I would take the test, see a negative, take it out the trash outside and no one would ever know I once again put myself through this kind of torture. I laid the test on the counter and thought, "You're so stupid! Why are you even doing this? You know what it's going to be." I sat on the toilet and waited. I saw one line come up showing the test was working. I look back seconds later and see another line. I was in shock. Could this really be? I ran in and woke up Sam. I don't think he realized what I was saying, especially through the tears. He told me to go to CVS and get more tests. I took 2  more over the next 2 hours. 
All positive. 

We were pregnant. 
We finally got our little miracle. 
We were so happy. 
In an instant this baby restored joy and hope into our lives.


April and Jason said...

Your blog popped up on the news-feed of my blog, and I was excited to see you back here. I would like to tell you congrats, but from the title of this post, I'm afraid of what you are going to write next. I'm happy for you that you were able to get pregnant, but the "loss" part has me worried. You are always in my prayers dear friend, and I hope only the best for you. I miss your blogs, and I hope you will write more often!

Kris and Megan said...

No no no :( Please not another loss for you. I'm so sorry Megan!!!! You are in my prayers!