Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Belly Pics

Two posts in one day... I am on a role. After talking about the whole conversation between the sub and me, I realized that I better post a picture of me just to prove that I am not that huge! Not yet at least... So here I am at 29 weeks... I am now almost 31!


Kevin and Hayres said...

First off, Megan, you are NOT huge! You look fantastic pregnant. Secondly, I'm glad you are blogging again and I look forward to your next posts. And we still gotta take that picture of us.

Holly and Brad said...

You look sooo cute pregnant! Can't wait til January to see pics of the little man!

Amber said...

You look great! Whenever anyone says that to a pregnant lady they are totally not thinking about surviving to see tomorrow!

It's at that point where I want to tell others to just shove it! :)