Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just in case you thought that no news was good news... think again! A big, fat NOT PREGNANT showed up on the test again. It was like my heart was stabbed with a thousand knives. Holy crap! I am depressed. BLAH! Yep, that pretty much describes how I am feeling.

Please know that I do understand so many are suffering more than I. And I actually do think of others often, and pray for them too. But I am only me. And this is how I feel about this particular situation right now. It's just hard for me to understand why this isn't happening for us right now. I AM VERY GRATEFUL for what I already have in my life- Ipromise. It is just hard to not be sad when you want something so badly.


April and Wes said...

Can I just say... don't apologize for the way you feel. 1. This is your blog, say what you want. 2. People can just not read it if they don't like it. and 3. While others may have it worse, you are right this is your life and you can be upset about the bad things in your life. It's all relative.

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

UGH! So sorry! It makes me sad (even though I am puking daily and miserable) I just remember that.

Have done the thermomoter yet, or the ovulation tests. Really call me if you havent and I will walk you through it all and send you my stuff.really!?!

April and Jason said...

I have come across your blog, and I love your ideas and the cute things you post. I know how utterly aggravating and frustrating it is to see a negative on that stick. I love what the other April said...I couldn't have said it better. Everyone has their own trials, and that doesn't make the next person's harder or easier.