Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Think I'll Move to Australia

Flat Tire Monday:
You know that feeling on Monday. That dragging feeling. That "I can't believe I have five days to get through before the weekend comes" feeling! How about the feeling when work is finally done and you get to begin your trek home. That's a good feeling. Especially if Monday was your first day of school as a kindergarten teacher!!! Let me tell you my excitement upon leaving school. It was 3:45. I am headed to my car. I hear an announcement from the school secretary: "Please be sure to call all students who did not show up today to find out if they are drops!" I turned right around and walked back to my classroom! :( I made 10 + calls. It was 4:15 by the time I finished. So happy to be in my car and on my way. And then not even 3 blocks from school I hear a pop. I knew the sound. I didn't want to stop. I thought just keep going. Just pretend like you don't know your tire is flat. But of course I couldn't!!! BLAH! AAA, America's Tires, and a 50 mile drive later I arrive home at 8 o'clock in the evening!

I think I'll move to Australia!

'Teacher' filled Tuesday:
First day with 30 - 5 year olds! My day consisted of one word said a billion times over- teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, TEACHER, TEACHER, teacher, TEACHER, teacher, teacher, teacher, TEACHER, TEACHER, TEACHER!!!

I think I'll move to Australia!

Hump day Wednesday: (not the dirty kind)
Why are Wednesdays such hard days? Enough said.

I think I'll move to Australia!

1 million Ants Thursday:
Wednesday night I parked under a tree. I've parked here at least a few dozen times before. Never had a problem. I walked to my car that morning- after sleeping in an extra 45 minutes. Loaded Jack in his seat, got in mine, and then I see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANTS! EVERYWHERE! MILLIONS! OH MY GOSH!
How do ants survive a can of ant spray, a car wash, and a 50 mile drive?!?!?
I decided on this day that I would take a match to my car and walk away! Did I just curse my Friday?

I think I'll move to Australia!
Wait, are there ants in Australia?

Fire Friday:
At dismissal I notice a large fire. I say out loud, please tell me that is not on the freeway! To which someone responded, No it doesn't even look close to the freeway! I thought oh yes, yes it does! Walk back to my room and hear my cell phone go off. It's Sam, "Are you in traffic?" Right away I know it's on the freeway. Then I notice a missed call from my mom. Call my voicemail. "Hey Megan the 15 South bound is closed because of a fire. Call dad and he will tell you how to get around it!" JUST GREAT! For those of you who don't know, I work in Victorville. One direct route in and one out- the 15. Unless you go around. The long way. The really long way. My Dad sends me towards Phelan. Headed that way when I get the call that they are now closing that road also. I turn around and go back in the other direction. You know the direction all 1 million cars are headed in!!! Surprisingly it only took me turning around 2 times, pulling over one time, one car sickness, and 2 hours to get home!

For those of you who heard me say I was planning on burning my car to the ground on the side of the freeway I didn't. I was not the cause of the fire. I still have my car. It's in one piece. It has one patched tired, smells like a can of ant spray, and has 1 million dead ants in the black carpet to prove it!!!

If this week is any sign of how my year will be I am in for one heck of a ride!!!!!

Some wondered why I was already counting down days till the end of the school year. Now you know!!!!

It was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week!!!

Here's to a better one, or else I am headed to Australia!


Cynthia and Conrad Carter said...

Ah Megan! I want to cry after reading your blog. Seriously I've had those weeks where nothing in the world seems to be going right for you. Every little dumb thing that can happen, happens. Gosh what a week! Well at least this is a 3 day weekend and it's also fast & testimony week which I think can be very helpful. All I can say is that I hope things will improve and try not to look at this week as a sign as to what is coming. I'm sure that it's not. You'll get the hang of everything that you're set out to do this year. & whenever you need an ice cream girl time break, I'm here! :) & p.s. Don't move to Australia! :)

Andrew and Brittany said...

I LOVE the book you are referring to. I read it to my class when I taught a lesson on adjectives. I hope your days get better, I'm sure they will. Have fun with those Kindergartners!