Monday, January 23, 2012


Please excuse what will seem like my own personal pity party below... Here is an update on what's been going on in our lives!

1. Our family was in a car accident 2 days after Christmas while on vacation in Utah... our first day of vacation to be exact. Long story short... it was our fault, our car was totaled, I was taken by ambulance along with the driver of the other car, the passenger in the other car, an 81 year old woman, was taken by helicopter to Las Vegas, we prayed and fasted the lady would be ok, we got a new Dodge Journey and a new car payment :(, we got a letter letting us know that we could possibly be sued for our assets. That's where we stand with that.

2. As most of you know we have been trying for a baby for a while, a long while. I had some strange bleeding for a couple months so decided to make a doctors appointment. My OB said that he just thought it was dips in my hormones that were causing me to spot throughout the month. Then last week I started bleeding more than usual. So I went to see my family doctor and she found a lesion on my cervix. So, time will tell what that means... trauma, cyst, abnormal cells, cervical cancer? Obviously, I am still not pregnant.

3. I took Jack to his 2 year check up today. The doctor is concerned about the growth of Jack's head. He feels that it grew too much since his 18 month check up. I asked him what this could mean and his reply was, "it can indicate a lot of rare conditions". So he said he wants to wait 3 months to see how much it grows. HE WANTS TO WAIT 3 MONTHS. That means 3 long months of worry for me. If his head is still growing too fast, the doctor will order a CT Scan which will require Jackson to be put under. Have any of you gone through this with your child/children. If so, please share! It might help calm my nerves.

So all in all, I have been a freakin' basket case lately. When it rains it pours right? Well I am waiting for the sunshine and rainbows. They should be showing up really soon shouldn't they?
So please keep us in your prayers. We sure could use them. Especially pray that Jack just has a large head and that there isn't anything wrong with my sweet boy.


Kristin Milius said...

It seems like in life all trails happen at once. I'm sorry everything is hitting u so hard. As far as Jack is concerned I think it sounds like you have a very good pediatrician that he spotted that but he should never have mention it unless he were planning on doing something immediately. Telling a mother something like that but saying to wait is absurd! In my opinion I would NOT wait 3 months. I would call and tell him 3 months of waiting and stressing is not acceptable. Among all the reasons for a big growth in head percentage is sadly a brain tumor. Now not that I think Jackson has one but I would demand to rule that out. 3 months of waiting if it is something serious could be devastating. Now remember many kids have growth spurts!! It could be that simple!! I am sure it is just a growth spurt bc most other causes would come with other symptoms.
Now Dawson had his first CT scan at 20 months old. He was not put under!! They strapped his head down. It can be done without sedation! An MRI would absolutely require sedation. With sedation for either it is mild and they do not intimate him. He just falls asleep for 30 min. And that's it. It may sound scary but my motto is always, rather know than NOT know!! Email or message me if you have any questions!

Kristin Milius said...


Caytlin said...

I hate when everything seems to crash down all at once. And worrying about your baby is the worst. My baby girl has kidney reflux, which is really common and pretty treatable, but because she has another issue with one of her kidneys, she'll most likely have to have surgery when she's 2 or 3. I just can't think about it or I go crazy. We were in the hospital for 3 days when she was 6 weeks old and first got diagnosed and it was miserable. I know a lot of people go through a lot worse, but to me, that was really hard, and knowing it's something that won't go away soon is hard too. I'll be praying for you!! You are amazing! Just keep going to the temple and doing all the right'll be blessed!

Jill Duncan said...

So sorry Megan! I hope everything works out okay for you and your family. We will absolutely be praying for you and especially Jackson. Keep us updated on whats going on!

April and Jason said...

Both my boys have big heads, and the same thing happened to Wesley. Because he was in the NICU, he had to go to a high risk specialist. WHen he was born his head was in the 5th percentile, and by the time he was 9 months old, it was in the 95th percentile. His doctor was really concerned, like your doctor. Because he still had a soft spot, they were able to do an ultrasound, and everything came back normal. Jason has a big head, and we think it is just genetics. Does anyone in your family have a big head? Then, at his 2 year appointment, the same thing. His head was in the 98th percentile, which means it is growing faster than it should. Since his last scan was normal, they didn't worry too much but told me the exact same thing....if is grows more in the next few months, he will need a CT scan. I was nervous about a CT scan, because it is like 100 x-rays, so I was going to ask for an MRI. Anyways...they ended up not checking because his head didn't grow much more in the next few months. Long story probably isn't anything, but better safe to check. I too was paranoid, and researhed and saw all the scary stuff about what it could be, but it honestly is most likely nothing. I will keep you in my prayers though, and I hope everything turns out ok!!