Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Blocks

I made these while Jackson was taking a nap the other day! I am currently writing this post with him in my lap as he is throwing a fit because he can't see pictures of himself on the computer right now. I think I need to stop telling him how cute he is! ha!

Anyways, I used my lucky blocks and the clover block I made for St. Patty's Day and just turned them around to make these Spring Blocks. I used the Springtime line by Echo Park. I bought like 8 different pieces and had a hard time choosing which ones to use. I tried to make the i in Spring look like a flower which is why I did the i in green paper. Not sure if it is working out but I will leave it for now.

I used mod podge, ribbons, buttons, and my Alphalicious cartridge for the letters. I also made a paper flower by cutting out 4 small circles, crumbling them in my hand, flattening them out, stacking them up while gluing them together, and adding a button to finish it off. I just realized I forgot to ink the edges! Darn! The pink flower on the i is made from silk material. I just cut circles (free handing them) and held them over a flame to curl the edges. Then I stuck a teal brad in the middle.

These were so easy! Honestly anyone can do them!

Please don't judge the blocks by these horrible pictures! When it is cloudy outside I have the worst lighting in my house! The blocks are actually above my kitchen cabinets but it was too hard to get a picture of them up there.


Markie and Tristan said...

Soooo cute. I love the colors and how each block is so different than the other, but are still alike. Great job!

Kevin and Hayres said...

Good job Megan! You have to teach me how to make the cute flower.