Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 2: Give Me Some Sugar Baby

Day 2's Gift is much cheaper than a pack of socks!!!! Really simple idea and nothing new but it is still cute. A box of sugar babies with a tag that says Give me Some Sugar Baby or Lay Some Sugar on me! And I am really liking these tags that I made. Hopefully they will print well at the store. I just made them so I just printed them from my home in a 4x6 format. I really wish someone would give me 14 little gifts! Hmmm... too bad my husband doesn't read this nor does he think about doing things like this either! :) P.S. If you are out at the store tomorrow because you decided you want to do this with me I will give you a little list to get you through the next couple of days... can of nuts, starbursts, notebook and pen, crush soda (you can get the smaller personal one or a two litter to a whole case, but you really just need one!), and some mints. By the way... if you are out and happen to come across chocolate money coins let me know where you found them. We just might be needing them! That should cover us for a few days. I hope I didn't forget anything! Hmm... Enjoy the tags!!! There are 3 different versions!!! Wahoo! They are a little smaller then what I was planning on. But you can back them with colored card stock to make them a little larger. Just don't try selling them because you won't get very much money and I am giving them to you for free!! ha!

I dumped the sugar babies into a cute little Valentine bag! I wasn't planning on it but the little tag looked funny on a big box. See picture below to see just what I mean!

Version #1
Version #2:Version#3

Here are the tags for your downloading pleasure:
(once again order as 4x6 to avoid having blurry pictures and don't hate me if they are blurry in the 4x6 size either... I just saying... Megan is not a professional! And I just made these so obviously I haven't ordered them yet!


Kevin and Hayres said...

Great ideas Megan! Thanks for sharing and keep 'em coming!

"My colors are Blush and Bashful" -Steel Magnolias said...

these are so cute! what great ideas you have been posting! i am definitely going to do this! good job!