Friday, August 5, 2011

New Bedroom Colors: HELP!

We have had the same bedding since we got married, with the exception of the sheets! I have the itch to change the whole room, but have like little to no money to do it with. ;)

This is the color scheme I want to go with:

I really want to make a headboard that looks something like these:

I found this cheap bedding from Crate and Barrel. The only problem is there is no bed skirt so I am thinking about doing white sheets with a white bed skirt-- And to be honest white totally frightens me!
And to tie in the yellow I am going to make (or buy) pillows that are just like these from Festive Home Decor:

And I have been dying to make a pillow just like this from Jilly Bean Craft:

And of course I would love to find an old dresser or side tables and paint them yellow, white, or teal. I am also going to make some wall art using Picnik! And luckily I still have over $100 in gift cards from my wedding (4 years ago!) to Pier 1 so I can use those to find some accent pieces.

So what do you think? Do you feel like it will all flow together ok? And did I mention my husband is not ok with the color yellow? I just don't think he can see the potential of the color yellow! ;) Let me know what you think!


The Hyde Life said...

LOVE IT ALL! Darling ideas!!!

jenmose said...

these are basically the colors in my master bedroom redo. I love your pillow selection. Think I may have to buy a few for the master bed!