Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 8: I Kiss the Ground You Walk On!

Well I really don't and will never kiss the ground Sam walks on... that would be sick! But it's a cute saying!

I am still wondering if there are any of you left out there following this!!! Here is my idea for Day 8/Tuesday. I bought a bag of Hershey kisses and reef sandals for Sam. He has been needing a new pair and so I figured it kinda went with the theme/saying for this day. For tomorrow's idea you are going to be making s'mores. Now if for some reason you don't want to I think there might be some kind of cracker or cookie with s'more flavor? Gold fish? Don't know. But if you are going to make s'mores with me, you will need graham crackers, mini marshmallows, and milk chocolate chips. If you want to make them heart shape like me then you will need a small heart shaped cookie cutter. I am talking small. It has to be able to fit onto the graham cracker when you cut it out. My cookie cutter is 2 inches across. I actually got it from Walmart and it came in a pack with other larger hearts. It has a scalloped edge which I don't love but it will work. And it must be metal! Now for Wednesday's idea you will need a pack of hangers. I just got mine at Walmart for a $1. I know Target has them and so does the Dollar Tree. If you are feeling nice you can include a shirt with the hangers. That's what I am going to do!!! Ok here are the tags for today. As always, print them in a 4x6 size!!! Enjoy! And of course leave me some love below! :)

These are THE worst pictures ever! I just put the sandals and candy in a bag with tissue paper and tied the tag to one of the handles. But for some reason I thought I had to display it all cute for you and clearly that didn't work out! Sorry!



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