Thursday, February 17, 2011

St. Patty's Display

Ok here is my "dusty" display. If you think I didn't notice the dust on my little shelf I did and it has since been wiped down. Don't act like you "forget" to dust the tops of shelves no one can see! haha! Anyways.... It was virtually impossible to get a head on picture of my little shelf because of the light fixture hanging over the table. So I had to take it a little bit from the side! I obviously framed my St. Patrick's Day printable in the white frame. I bought my white frame from Joann's in December for about 4 bucks!!! I have used it for the Christmas and Valentine's printables too! It is definitely getting its use around here! I bought the small lucky work block thingy at Tai Pan for about $2.94 ish. I made the clover block this morning in about 5 minutes. I gave a 5x5 block a quick paint job, mod podged the green dot paper onto it, and added glitter to a foam clover from Michael's!!! I like it! I am going to be making some more blocks for St. Patty's Day but I can't find the paper I am looking for at the moment! I kinda feel like the shelf is missing a little something so I am headed to the dollar tree today! I love that place! Especially the new one off Riverside and Euclid!!!!

I also got this sign at Tai Pan (in Rancho off 4th St. across from Ontario Mills and in between Costco and BJ's Restaurant.) It was less than 10 bucks I think either $6.94 or $7.94!
I also got this at Tai Pan for around the same amount as the one above.
Also at Tai Pan (if you haven't ever been you truly haven't lived yet. But be prepared to be overwhelmed by all things darling and cute!)
Tai Pan (larger version of the small one on my shelf)
This one is from my mother in law. I think it was from Big Lots or a 99 cents store but I am not sure. It seems like it is worth a lot more than 99 cents!
Finally, (for now) I got this vase/jar on sale at Tai Pan for $8.94. I have been wanting one for a long time but I needed a smaller one for my higher kitchen table (it is on my kitchen counter in this picture but will soon be moved to the table). I love the little glitter balls, also from Tai Pan. I saw some glitter shamrocks at the Dollar Tree so I am thinking about going and picking up a pack to add to this.

By the way, all Valentine's decor is 50% at Tai Pan. I picked up 2 large signs for 5 bucks each! :) They are already packed up with my other V-day Decorations. Ok more to come later! Enjoy!
P.S. It is so hard to find places to display my stuff when I have a one year old!!!!!! So I am making a huge self for my living room! Yes I am making it! I might have to ask for a little assistance from some outside support i.e. my husband, father, or Kevin Trask! haha


Kevin and Hayres said...

Megan, you can count Kevin in! Even though he doesn't know I am going to make him. Haha. All these are just sooo adorable!

Gallamore West said...

I've never heard of Tai Pan... where is that?? Sounds like a cute place!

Sam and Megan said...

Tai Pan originated in Utah! But it finally made it's way to California! I went to school at BYU which is how I found the store and moved back home to California after graduating. It is in Rancho Cucamonga! Not sure where you live though!