Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have been gone all day! I have no energy to do any Valentine's posts. In fact, the computer screen is making me dizzy! Sorry for missing a day. I will be back tomorrow. I think I have 5 ideas left. I might not go into detail or have pictures for all of them but I will have the tags! Don't forget you can print my tags in a 4x6 format. No need to recreate your own unless you want to of course! And for those of you who have been asking I use to make my tags. More on that later. Ok so what's left: starburst, pop rocks/itunes gift card/ or rock candy (these 3 go together), gold chocolate coins (got mine at see's candy), a sucker(s), and one of those unmentionables just to be romantic if you know what I mean -- that one will go something like this: You've got my heart on a string! get it? anyone? ha Ok see you soon!!!

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MegRich said...

Megan- I hadn't checked in a few days- Love your new ideas! Now which one(s) will I use... so many good ones!